February 9, 2013

I can’t beleive how bad I have been at updating this! Our lives have been filled with so much between the last time I wrote and now and I’ll just hightlight the most exciting things.

First, we got a Yorkie! Eric surprised me by actaully offering to buy me one for Christmas. A family was trying to sell 3 dogs that were each 6 months old that they had not been able to sell previously. Eric came up with the idea one day and then picked up my new dog, Baylee, that night! She has been awful to housebreak, but she is a very sweet dog who loves to give kisses.


We were able to come home for Christmas for almost 2 weeks! I LOVED being home for Christmas and spending time with family and seeing snow for the first time this season!


The most exciting thing on our plates right now is that we are 6 days away from officially being homeowners! Our amazing realtor showed us a house that he was selling for a friend. We fell in love and ended up making an offer and getting a great deal on it. The closing process moved quickly and the closing day actually moved from February 20 to February 15! What a great Valentine’s Day gift to ourselves (there will definitely be no other Valentine’s Day purchases! Ha)! The Fitzgeralds were able to come and look at our house and Karin got some wonderful pictures for us.

ImageWe are SO excited but haven’t even started packing! Reality hasn’t set in that we will be moving in a week.

Other than that, our life is just routine by now! We are working like crazy and still trying to find fun things to do in Knoxville while we are here. We still love living in a somewhat larger city and even though we’re disappointed that we’ll be away from family a little while longer, we do love the city of Knoxville.

We hope all is well with everyone back home. We miss you all and please come visit now that we will have spare bedrooms! We would love to have anyone who wants to make that 5 hour trip!!


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