May 12, 2012

Since I last wrote, our lives have been very busy but we’ve enjoyed the past couple of months!

For Easter, my family came down to spend the weekend with us! I was so happy that they were able to come and we had a lot of fun with them. We did some sight-seeing, had a pic-nic, got to show them my church, do a big Easter meal, and dye eggs on Easter Sunday. I had so much fun and so appreciate them coming down to Knoxville since Eric and I weren’t able to go home!

The Sunsphere in Knoxville

Our pic-nic lunch on Saturday

All ready for church

A week or two after my family came to visit, Eric and I were able to travel home for a weekend! We had been antsy to visit home for a while and were so glad to be home for a few days. Eric got to meet his newest nephew (I had already met Levi when I had to come home to take a test) and we got to spend a lot of time with friends and family. We always appreciate that time so much! During this trip home, we decided to bring Samson. He traveled pretty well and had fun playing with his new friend, Ransom (the Fitzgerald’s dog).

Our traveling puppy!

Oh, did I mention that Samson is FINALLY housebroken?? He always did pretty well with going outside, but still had the occasional accident and wouldn’t beg up until about a month ago… now he has no accidents and begs every time he wants to go out! I just about sang the hallelujah chorous when he started begging.

Last weekend Eric and I attended a marriage retreat for members of our community group at church. The retreat was at a lodge in Pigeon Forge. The lodge was very nice and the view of the mountains was incredible! We had a lot of fun spending time with our small group and also with each other! We had different sessions that we sat through and also a “date day” where we went away from the lodge just to spend time with each other. Eric and I ended up at a Mexican restaurant and then we layed out in the sun for a while since it was such a beautiful day. It was a nice, relaxing weekend!

The view from Tanasi Lodge

This weekend we went mini golfing and to get frozen yogurt. There’s a new place in the mall that just opened up and the owner is a client of Eric’s boss, so we thought we would go support him on opening weekend. Eric is off at a concert now and I am spending some quality time with Samson! He currently is annoying me by begging to go out every 10 minutes.

Mini golf!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! We are enjoying the warmer weather but I am wishing it wasn’t so humid down here! I keep telling Eric we need to move north (New York?? Boston??) but I just can’t get him to agree 🙂

Until next time!