March 23, 2012

We have had a couple really fun weekends in a row and I just thought I’d share about some of our adventures! Not to mention that the spring weather is just motivating us to get out and actually DO some fun things! We are loving it.

Last weekend was packed but so much fun. Eric and I were honored to be able to go along with a group of people on a hike up the Smokies (the Chimney Tops hike) to watch one of our friends get engaged! The hike was about 2 miles and parts of it were very steep – I have to admit that I really underestimated how hard it would be and found myself dripping with sweat toward the end. Once at the top, though, the view was gorgeous. There were these huge rocks you could climb up to get even higher that we ended up climbing – I have never been more scared in my life when it was time to go back down the rocks. It was fun to do once, but I swore I’d never do it again!

Our friend’s (Nicole) fiance had a professional photographer lined up to hike up with us and then take some pictures of him proposing. He got some wonderful shots and I had to download a shot that he got of Eric and me on the way down the mountain.

Photo taken by Mile Marker Images

Photo taken by Mile Marker Images

The trip down was much more relaxed & enjoyable than the trip up!

The next day (Sunday) another friend (Ellen) was in town who is a photographer. Eric and I were never able to get engagement pictures done before our wedding, so we asked Ellen if she would do them now (although even though I call them “engagement pictures” they really aren’t, ha)! We had a lot of fun with her and she sent us 5 that she already has done – I am so happy with them, she is an incredible photographer! I’ll post one but when Ellen sends us a CD, we will put all of the pictures up on facebook and get some printed! I am so excited. Samson came along with us and even though he didn’t cooperate very well, Ellen managed to get some really good pictures of us with him.

Photo by Ellen Magnolia Photography

This weekend we have been able to spend some time outside and we got to go watch the movie The Hunger Games (a book turned into a movie). I read the book trilogy and LOVED them so we had to watch the movie. Eric really liked the movie so he has started (and almost finished) the book this weekend.

I started this new book called a “smashbook” which has become popular lately. It’s like a scrapbook but much messier and on-the-go. I LOVE it and have already finished a couple of the pages. I wish I had started this book right when we got married and I wish I had kept a lot of little pointless things to put in the book (it’s easy to paste receipts, brochures, pictures, movie ticket stubs, etc. in it) but starting now will still be just as fun. I would highly recommend it for anyone that likes scrapbooking but doesn’t have much time to do it! Here is my first page a little bit before it was complete.

My Smashbook!

Other than that, Eric and I have just been enjoying evening walks with Samson, watching Netflix, and reading. I am loving the spring weather although some of these days have just been a liiiittle bit too hot for me. That’s okay, though, because it’s nice to have some weather where I don’t have to layer on jackets just to take our dog out!

Hope all is well with everyone! We miss you all and can’t wait to come home next (although it may not be for Easter because Eric doesn’t get Good Friday off) :(. I leave you with a picture of our spoiled baby! 🙂 Have a wonderful end of the weekend!


March 4, 2012

Well, my mom reminded me that my last blog entry is getting a little bit old, so I thought I’d pull out my external hard drive to find some pictures to put in here and update this thing – finally!

I’ve been enjoying the winter months – although they haven’t actually felt like winter at all! Usually I enjoy cold weather, but I’ve gotten used to the temps being in the 60s and 70s and I think a 70 degree day might be the most perfect day. I’ve had fun going on walks with Samson, being outside to play with the kids at the daycare, and even the occasional park date with Eric & Sams.

We are still LOVING our little puppy – he is so much fun and has been doing really well with housebreaking, although he still won’t beg at the door. Eric’s mom sent us this bell kit that we hung up. Samson is supposed to ring the bell when he needs to go out. We’ve been trying to train him to use it, but he’s only used it a couple times (and I’m pretty sure they were accidents!)

Lazy Sams

In February Eric and I got to spend our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple and we really enjoyed celebrating! On the actual holiday, we both had work so we didn’t have much time to go out & celebrate, so I decided that on that day, we’d start a fun tradition – I decided that we should do acts of service for one another. I made Eric breakfast in bed (he has this new healthy pancake recipe that he loves) and he gave me a 15 minute massage! I think that tradition may be one that we keep! 🙂

The weekend after Valentine’s Day, we used some of our tax refund money to go shopping, buy gifts, and eat at our favorite restaurant. We were supposed to try a new place we’d heard about, but it’s hard to resist the Japanese Steakhouse that we ALWAYS go to. It was such a great weekend together and it went by way too fast!

My Valentine's Day gifts!

Last weekend I finally got a chance to go home. I got to hang out with my family and lots of my friends. It was so much fun and I was happy to hang out with Lauren & Evalee again, as well as Mike & Bia and Caitlin! It’s so nice being in a place where there are tons of friends to hang out with! 🙂

Little Evalee!

Other than that, we are just enjoying our time here and with each other. Samson, Guen, & Ghost keep us busy and entertained, I try and come up with a date night at least once a week (lately there has been breakfast for dinner night, game night, bowling, and some other fun ones), and we are still really enjoying Knoxville.

As much as we LOVE the city, Eric recently sent his resume to some connections he has at home to try and find a job – so we are praying that something might come up that would give us the chance to move home some day soon! We’ll see. We love and miss you all at home and hope to be closer.

Well, as spring approaches, I’m looking forward to more park dates, pic-nics, going to the sunsphere with Eric, going to a marriage retreat with our community group at church, trips home, and hopefully a vacation in the near future! I am also hoping to train for/run a 10k (I’m working up to a half marathon – SOMEDAY in the future!) so hopefully I will be motivated enough for that to happen! We hope everyone stays in touch and we hope to see you all at home soon!

– Jessica