January 10, 2012

This past month has been very busy but packed with so many good things! It was especially fun to spend my first Christmas season married to Eric and having our own Christmas traditions!

We started out with something that probably won’t become a tradition, but was still so much fun and I wouldn’t mind doing it again in the future. Eric and I had signed up to run a 5k called the Santa Hustle – Smokies. So what we got to do was dress up as santas and run 3.1 miles with hundreds of other people dressed up as santas! We didn’t train very well so placed JUST outside of the top 100, but we still had a lot of fun and finished with a decent score.

Two Tired Santas

Both Eric and I got to take 3 days off of work, so that combined with the time off we automatically got for the holidays meant we got to go home for a whole week! We loved spending time at home with our families. Eric’s brother’s wife was due to have their third baby even before we got home, but she ended up being induced two weeks after her due date because little Levi just wasn’t ready to be born! We were sad to have missed meeting Levi Steven, but we still were so glad to get to spend time with both sides for Christmas. We got to eat Christmas dinner with the Fitzgeralds, see the light display where we got engaged last year, open gifts with both of our families, and just spend some quality time with everyone being lazy and doing nothing important at all! We both would love a break like that again already!

Ezekiel & Adelaide opening gifts!

Going back to Knoxville, however, wasn’t as disappointing as usual this time because three days after we got home, Eric went to pick up our little puppy, Samson! This may seem like the worst idea with two cats already taking over our apartment, but we love Samson and he has been the best little puppy! He has been very easy to housebreak, and even though the cats don’t feel the same way, he is excited to have two little playmates wondering around the house. My biggest frustration with Samson has been how much he chews… on everything! On our feet, on the table, on my bags, on Eric’s power cord (which, by the way, cost $70 to replace! Ridiculous…), and on just about everything he can get his teeth on. We love him though and supply him with a large supply of chew toys and are just trying to teach him there are only certain things he’s allowed to chew on!

Our new cutie!!

We’ve settled back into the routines of our jobs but can’t wait to have another excuse to come home! This week we will host our small group and this weekend will probably make a little trip to the Smokies so that I can FINALLY write a paper that I need to write¬†for my Earth Science class and be DONE WITH IT.

This month Eric and I will have been married for 6 months! Such a short time, but I feel blessed to have spent this time married to such a wonderful man! His birthday is on Thursday and we will hopefully spend it relaxing and eating fried chicken (his only food request)! We hope all is well with everyone back home and we can’t wait to see you all again soon!

– Jessica