November 18, 2011

This cold weather has me feeling festive and happy! Eric and I are both really looking forward to the holidays (I more than Eric I suppose… I am a huge Christmas fanatic)! We are especially ready to be home for Thanksgiving to eat the wonderful food that our family will prepare!

We were lucky enough to get home this past weekend for Emily’s 18th birthday and her musical. We had a lot of fun and Emily did a wonderful job in the play – I was happy to get to see (possibly) her last musical. We enjoyed fondue with my family for her birthday celebration.


I got to see baby Evalee again and catch up with Lauren, which is always a blessing. When I am with my best friends, it makes me wish we were a little closer to home… but we are still enjoying our time here in Knoxville meeting new people. It was so good to see my “honorary niece” though!

Lauren, Evalee, and me

Work for both of us is still just work. We are both searching for something “better” but waiting for the Lord to show us where He wants us! Right now we are content and still enjoying married life. I’m looking forward to lighting a fire in our fireplace for the first time this weekend and setting up Christmas decorations as soon as we get back from being home for Thanksgiving. I’ve held off on the Christmas spirit for Eric’s sake! But I am hoping to go to a Christmas tree farm and get a real Christmas tree… if Eric can put up with that then I’ll be a happy wife! 🙂

A “date night” that I am hoping to do this next week is go shopping together for Operation Christmas Child boxes! Last year I did this with my roommates and had a lot of fun putting together these shoe boxes… this year I’m going to try and make a date out of it with Eric!

I am JUST getting over a 2-week-long sinus infection so I’m very excited to be getting my energy back! Maybe that means a fun and productive weekend.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we can’t wait to see you all for Thanksgiving! We are both so thankful for all of our friends and family and are very anxious to spend time home with everybody! We’ll see you soon!

– Jessica