October 2, 2011

The thing that Eric and I have been most excited about recently is fall weather! We are loving the 60 and 70 degree temperatures and have been ready for this season for a while now!

The past weekend we got to go to the wedding of a good friend of mine, Bia Stoltzfus. The wedding was in Ohio and it was outside. The rain held off and the ceremony, in Bia’s backyard, was gorgeous!

Walking down the aisle!

This weekend, Eric’s brother, Todd, came to visit and we got to go to a concert of one of our favorite bands, Explosions in the Sky. The band is an all-instrumental (sort of rock) band and it was a great concert! We were really upset to find when we got out of the concert, however, that our car had been towed! Other than that, we had a really fun time and were glad to be able to make it to the concert, which was in Asheville, North Carolina (about 2 hours from Knoxville). The rest of this weekend has been very relaxing and it’s been fun spending time with Todd.

As much fun as these weekends have been, we are still really excited for our first completely free weekend next week. We’re ready for life to slow down just a little bit!

I’ve been working full time at the daycare and it’s been an experience. I’m glad for a job, but I’m ready for the next job! 2-year-olds are just crazy. But the job has gotten more into a routine and I don’t dread going to work. I will also start a new schedule next week where I work a little less. I was really glad for this because I find that it’s really hard to get cooking and housework done while working 40 hours a week! So starting next week I’ll only be working 36 hours a week – I’m really excited about it.

Other than our busy lives, we have just been having fun with our new kitten and with our small group. We had a game night with our small group the other night and played “The Newlywed Game” and “Balderdash”. It was a lot of fun! And we still love our kitten, Ghost, although he is having trouble figuring out where the litter box is! We come home to many surprises left in the corner…


Overall we are enjoying life and falling into a routine. We are still really liking Knoxville and it has been really fun to discover fun things to do around here. The place we’ve frequented the most has been the 2 dollar theater – it’s fun to be able to go to the movies and not pay an arm and a leg for 2 movie tickets!

We hope to have some more fun updates in the future. I hope to have more time with my new schedule next week! I’ll write as soon as I get a chance!

– Jessica


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