September 1, 2011

Hi family (and the occasional friend who is bored enough to read this)! I was thinking about how I wish I had the time to email everyone and send updates and get updates back, but since there are so many people and soon there will be so little time, I thought a blog would be a good idea for those who care about what’s going on in our lives down here in Knoxville!

I hope all is well with everyone! Eric and I are enjoying our time settling into our new apartment in Knoxville and being married. I’m sure you all know that Eric gave in and went with me to get a kitten a week after we moved in. Her name is Guenhwyvar (pronounced Gwen-i-var) and she is a precious little barn kitty who has kept us surprisingly entertained! She does the goofiest things and we laugh at her a lot.

Cozy Kitty!

Eric is still working at a Tax firm (is that what you call it?) and I recently found out that I will be employed at the beginning of next week at a daycare facility called “Kids ‘N’ Stuff”. Yeah, I don’t like the name either! BUT I am so grateful for this job and will start orientation next Tuesday at 10am and from there start out as a part time employee and hopefully transition quickly into full time. I plan to work for this daycare for a few months just while I get to know Knoxville a little better and then as soon as I finish my degree (I have one more class online to take) I will start substituting in Knox County Public Schools and hope to find a full time job in the school system!

Eric and I are getting anxious to visit home in a couple of weeks. We’ll get to spend time with family and go to the wedding of my best friend’s sister! We’re so excited to spend time with everyone whom we miss and I’m excited to meet Lauren (Benner) Shifflett’s new baby girl, Evalee Marie!

Evalee Marie Shifflett

Well, this week has gone by quickly. Eric and I usually go to the gym after he gets home from work but today we’re going to check out a park that we’ve never been to, so that’s a treat to me. Hope the rest of the week goes well for everyone and the weekend comes quickly!! 🙂

– Jessica


2 thoughts on “September 1, 2011

  1. Hi Jess & Eric:
    We got your blog info and got to see your cute little kitten — but please don’t expect me to remember how to spell her name! I can pronouce it better than spell it! 🙂 It was good to hear that you will start at a Day Care next week. I’m sure you will enjoy it — and once you get that last class finished, I’m sure you will enjoy “subbing” in the school system. Have you started that last class yet?

    I’m assuming the wedding you will be coming to VA for is for Marissa Benner? When is she getting married? Where?

    We are so happy to hear that you are getting along fine and having fun fixing up your apartment! We just celebrated our 57th anniversary — so went to Blackwater Falls State Park in WV last Sunday and overnight, coming back on Monday.

    For my birthday (Aug. 16th) your Mom had “the family” to their house for dessert. I would not let her have us for a meal, since I think all the families have had too much all summer with all the weddings etc. (One more wedding to go — Kelly’s on Oct. 14th.) It was nice to be together for dessert that night — sitting out on their deck, watching the sun set! Grandpa and I had gone up on Skyline Drive that day and ate lunch up there at one of the restaurants.

    So, Lauren had her baby — she is cute — and her hair seems to have a bit of a tinge of red — like Lauren’s — don’t you think so?

    Thanks for keeping in touch — and we will look for postings frequently! We both love you very, very much and will look forward to seeing you again soon!

    Grandma Kaufman (& G’pa too)

    • Hi Grandma! Oh, I can barely spell Guen’s name… it took me a month to figure it out! So I don’t expect anyone else to remember it! 🙂

      I have started my last class and am about 2/3 of the way done… I’m going slowly so that I do well but I’m getting really anxious to finish!

      Yes, it is Marissa’s wedding that we’re coming home for… she’s getting married in Linville on September 17th.

      And I definitely think Lauren’s baby has some red in her hair! I was surprised at how MUCH hair she had – she’s got a full head of it!!

      Thanks for replying!! I will update this as often as I have anything interesting to say!! Love ya!


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